How To Take Stunning Photos Using Your Mobile Phone


A High-resolution camera and video are now commonplace in modern mobile phones. It doesn’t matter if the smartphone is in the range of budget or high-end, there’s no reason for us not to enjoy high-quality images. All you need to have is the skill and proper know-how in taking good pictures.In this blog, I will provide you with a photography tutorial using your smartphone. I will share with you how to take stunning photos that you can proudly post on your social media content. So without any further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion.

Optimize the Gridlines to Balance the Photo

You might have come across your mobile phone’s gridlines as you are tinkering with the camera app. If you don’t have experience with photography, the purpose of gridlines isn’t very clear to you. It doesn’t matter if you are using a DSLR camera or your handheld smart device, the purpose of the gridlines are just the same. And that purpose is to balance the shots and center them to a focal point. Also, the gridlines are where the rule of thirds applies. It is basically a technique in photography that produces a compelling shot by placing the subject on the left or right which is a third of an image, and it leaves the remaining two-thirds a blank space.

Focus on One Subject Per Shot

Avoid taking a convoluted photo by using two or more subjects. It makes the shot less aesthetic and cluttered. Thus, it is better that you take one subject per shot.

Set Your Camera’s Focus

Once you have set your eyes on a subject, it is now important that you set the focus on your phone. And you can access and set your camera’s focus by opening the actual application. Point your camera to your subject and pinpoint where you want the focus to be concentrated. As a result, it will automatically enhance the focus of the subject by improving sharpness, contrast, and brightness. 

Optimize HDR Mode

Your Android phone’s default camera offers a ton of functionality. And one of the best features of your phone’s default camera is that it has an HDR mode that enhances the depth and increases the images’ quality of contrast. It also balances the darker and lighter composition that creates a vibrant photo without making it blown or washed out.

If your phone has a night mode, combining it with the HDR mode can result in a rich and well-defined photo even in areas where there are low light conditions. Lastly, HDR mode is a default setting on iPhone, but you have to manually set the HDR mode on Android devices.

Setup the Exposure

Your phone’s flash, indoor lights, and sunlight could potentially wash out the photo if you are unable to set the exposure properly. Also, you have to bear in mind that the “exposure” feature is a basic one no matter if you’re an iOS or Android user.

Maintain Stillness

Most mobile phones today have an autofocus feature. But no matter what the case may be, it would be better to maintain a poised posture if you are capturing a still image.

Consider a Mobile Tripod

If you are serious about producing stunning social media content, one of the pieces of equipment that you have to consider is a mobile tripod. And this is because it gives you a much better perspective in generating quality images.

Final Takeaway

Obtaining high-quality photos that have a DSLR-like characteristic is very possible now through our handheld devices. All you need to do is to angle your phone at the right position and take advantage of the features like the HDR mode, gridlines, exposure, contrast, etc.Smartphones with high-resolution video cameras are hard to come by in budget and mid-range devices. But the good news is that there are mid-range smartphones like the Honor 90 Lite that has a 100MP main camera, 5MP Ultra Wide and Depth, and 2MP macro camera. If you’re curious, the HONOR 90 Lite price in uk is only £249.99.



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