The Hole is Open Raws: Exploring the Phenomenon



The “hole is open raws” is a phrase that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in online communities and forums. This phenomenon refers to a specific type of manga or comic book publication that is released in its raw, untranslated form. In this article, we will delve into the world of “hole is open raws,” exploring its origins, its impact on the manga industry, and the reasons behind its growing popularity.

What are “Hole is Open Raws”?

1. Definition:

The term “hole is open raws” is derived from the Japanese phrase “穴が開いている,” which translates to “the hole is open.” In the context of manga, it refers to the release of manga chapters or volumes in their original, untranslated form, without any official English translations.

2. Availability:

These raw manga releases are typically obtained through various means, such as scanning physical copies of manga magazines or purchasing digital copies from Japanese online platforms. They are then shared online through websites, forums, or social media platforms.

The Origins of “Hole is Open Raws”

1. Fan Demand:

The demand for “hole is open raws” can be traced back to the early days of the internet, where fans of manga outside of Japan sought ways to access the latest chapters and volumes as soon as possible. With the rise of scanlation groups, which are fan groups that scan and translate manga, the availability of raw manga became more widespread.

2. Cultural Differences:

Another factor contributing to the popularity of “hole is open raws” is the cultural difference between Japan and other countries. Manga is a significant part of Japanese culture, and fans outside of Japan often feel a sense of excitement and authenticity when reading manga in its original form.

The Impact on the Manga Industry

1. Global Reach:

The availability of “hole is open raws” has allowed manga to reach a global audience more quickly. Fans from different countries can access the latest chapters almost simultaneously with their release in Japan, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

2. Increased Fan Engagement:

The availability of raw manga has also led to increased fan engagement and discussion. Online communities and forums dedicated to manga thrive on the excitement and anticipation surrounding the release of new chapters. Fans analyze and speculate about the plot, characters, and future developments, creating a vibrant and interactive community.

3. Market Expansion:

While “hole is open raws” may seem detrimental to the manga industry at first glance, it has actually contributed to its expansion. The availability of raw manga has sparked interest in series that may not have received official English translations otherwise. This increased exposure can lead to licensing opportunities and official translations, benefiting both the creators and the industry as a whole.

The Reasons Behind the Popularity

1. Instant Gratification:

One of the main reasons for the popularity of “hole is open raws” is the desire for instant gratification. Fans no longer have to wait for official translations, which can sometimes take weeks or even months to be released. With raw manga, they can access the latest chapters almost immediately, satisfying their curiosity and allowing them to stay up to date with the story.

2. Language Learning:

For some fans, reading “hole is open raws” serves as a language learning tool. They use the untranslated manga as a way to practice their Japanese language skills, improving their vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. This dual-purpose of entertainment and education makes raw manga an appealing choice for language enthusiasts.

Case Studies: The Impact of “Hole is Open Raws”

1. Case Study 1: “One Piece”

The popular manga series “One Piece” has seen a significant impact from the availability of “hole is open raws.” Fans around the world eagerly await the release of each new chapter, discussing and analyzing the story and artwork. This global engagement has contributed to the series’ continued success and its recognition as one of the best-selling manga of all time.

2. Case Study 2: “Attack on Titan”

“Attack on Titan” is another manga series that has benefited from the availability of raw manga. The intense and suspenseful nature of the story has led to passionate discussions and theories among fans. The availability of raw manga has allowed fans to engage with the series on a deeper level, enhancing their overall experience.

Q&A: Common Questions about “Hole is Open Raws”

1. Is it legal to read “hole is open raws”?

While the act of reading raw manga is not illegal, it is important to note that it may infringe upon the copyright of the creators and publishers. It is always recommended to support the official releases and purchase licensed translations when available.

2. Are there any risks associated with accessing “hole is open raws”?

Accessing raw manga through unofficial sources may expose users to malware, viruses, or other security risks. It is crucial to exercise caution and use trusted platforms when accessing raw manga.

3. How can “hole is open raws” impact the manga industry positively?

The availability of raw manga can generate interest in series that may not have received official translations otherwise. This increased exposure can lead to licensing opportunities and official translations, benefiting both the creators and the industry.

4. Are there any downsides to reading “hole is open raws”?

One downside of reading raw manga is the potential for misunderstandings or misinterpretations due to the lack of official translations. Additionally, reading raw manga may not provide the same level of immersion and understanding as reading a properly translated version.

5. How can fans support the manga industry while still enjoying “hole is open raws”?

Fans can support the manga industry by purchasing official translations, merchandise, or attending events related to their favorite series. This helps to ensure the continued success and sustainability of the industry.


In conclusion, “hole is open raws” have become a significant part of the manga community, allowing fans to access the latest chapters and volumes in their original, untranslated form. While there are potential legal and security risks associated with accessing raw manga, it has also had a positive impact on the manga industry by expanding its global reach, increasing fan engagement, and creating opportunities for licensing and official translations. The popularity of “hole is open raws” can be attributed to the desire for instant gratification and the opportunity for language learning. However, it is essential for fans to support the industry by purchasing official translations and merchandise, ensuring its continued growth and success.



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