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I am the one who brought this up, and that is because I’m one of those people who thinks that if something is “hot”, then it’s “hot.

There is no simple answer to this question, because you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes you just get what you want and then, y’know, it sucks. But it’s not just about what you want, it’s about what you need and whether you make that happen. It’s about making your needs and wants a priority in your life, whether you want them or not.

Well, we are going to be discussing this at length, so be prepared for a long post. But for now, I want to just say that Im not the only one who thinks that if something is hot, then its hot. And I know that you have a lot of opinions on this, so we will be talking about this at length, and we will be posting video links and pictures in the near future.

Well, actually, our opinions are not exactly the same as the others. We both have opinions on this subject, and some of our opinions are pretty similar. (You may have read this already, but if you haven’t, go check it out.) But our opinions are not the same. We both think everyone is entitled to get their own needs met.

So, you see, there is a difference between an opinion and a fact. For example, most of us think that a person should be paid for work they do, like getting a job or looking for a job. This is an opinion, like the fact that everyone should have healthcare. It is not a fact, like there are people who need healthcare.

That is the difference between fact and opinion. We may not agree with the conclusion, but we are allowed to say, “well, if he’s getting paid for work, he should be paid for work.” Both are opinions.

Some of us feel that if a person gets laid off, or has it taken away from them, then they should be offered a severance package to get back to work. This is an opinion, like the fact that people shouldn’t be given the option to get raped. It is not a fact, like there are people who don’t want to be raped.

Well…we’re obviously not going to agree on this! It’s too weird to have opinions without facts.

The idea that there should be a severance package for people who have it taken away from them is a bad one, however. People who are laid off are usually people who have lost a job due to a layoff, and people who have not lost a job because they’ve been laid off don’t need severance.

The problem is that people who have not lost a job because theyve been laid off are really not worth severance.



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