The Controversial Anime Series “Ishuzoku Reviewers”: Exploring its Impact and Reception


Since its release in January 2020, the anime series “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has sparked intense debates and discussions within the anime community and beyond. With its explicit content and unique premise, the show has garnered both praise and criticism. In this article, we will delve into the world of “Ishuzoku Reviewers,” examining its themes, controversies, and the impact it has had on the anime industry and society as a whole.

The Premise and Themes of “Ishuzoku Reviewers”

“Ishuzoku Reviewers,” also known as “Interspecies Reviewers,” is a fantasy comedy anime series based on the manga of the same name by Amahara. The story revolves around a group of adventurers who visit various brothels in a world inhabited by different species. The adventurers then review their experiences, providing detailed feedback on the services offered by each species.

The central theme of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” is sexuality and the exploration of diverse sexual preferences. The show aims to challenge societal norms and taboos surrounding sexuality by presenting a world where interspecies relationships are not only accepted but also celebrated. It explores the idea that sexual desires and preferences can transcend species boundaries.

The Controversies Surrounding “Ishuzoku Reviewers”

Despite its unique premise, “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has faced significant backlash and controversies. Here are some of the main points of contention:

1. Explicit Content and Censorship

The explicit nature of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has been a major source of controversy. The show features explicit sexual content, including nudity and sexual acts, which has led to it being labeled as “ecchi” or even “borderline hentai” by some viewers. This explicit content has raised concerns about the appropriateness of the show and its accessibility to a wide audience.

Due to its explicit nature, “Ishuzoku Reviewers” faced censorship in several countries. In February 2020, the show was pulled from Funimation’s streaming platform due to its explicit content. This decision sparked debates about censorship and the limits of artistic expression.

2. Ethical and Moral Concerns

Another major controversy surrounding “Ishuzoku Reviewers” revolves around ethical and moral concerns. Critics argue that the show promotes objectification and commodification of women, as it portrays them as sexual objects for the pleasure of men. They argue that the show perpetuates harmful stereotypes and contributes to the objectification of women in society.

Supporters of the show, on the other hand, argue that “Ishuzoku Reviewers” is a work of fiction and should be viewed as such. They believe that the show’s explicit content is meant for adult audiences who can differentiate between fantasy and reality.

The Impact of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” on the Anime Industry

Despite the controversies, “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has had a significant impact on the anime industry. Here are some key aspects:

1. Increased Popularity and Fanbase

The explicit nature of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has attracted a niche audience that appreciates its unique premise and adult-oriented content. The show has gained a dedicated fanbase, with many praising its humor, character designs, and world-building. This increased popularity has led to a surge in merchandise sales and fan-created content.

2. Discussions on Censorship and Artistic Expression

The controversies surrounding the censorship of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” have sparked discussions about the limits of artistic expression and the role of censorship in the anime industry. Many argue that censorship stifles creativity and limits the freedom of artists to explore controversial or explicit themes. This debate has prompted a reevaluation of the guidelines and regulations surrounding explicit content in anime.

The Reception of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” in Society

The reception of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” in society has been mixed. Here are some key points:

1. Gender and Sexual Representation

One aspect that has garnered attention is the show’s portrayal of gender and sexual representation. “Ishuzoku Reviewers” challenges traditional gender roles and explores diverse sexual preferences. It presents a world where individuals can freely express their desires without judgment or discrimination. This portrayal has resonated with some viewers who appreciate the show’s progressive approach to sexuality.

2. Controversy and Public Perception

Despite its progressive themes, “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has faced criticism for its explicit content and perceived objectification of women. This controversy has led to negative public perception, with some labeling the show as “pornographic” or “degrading.” The show’s explicit nature has also limited its accessibility, as it is often restricted to adult-only platforms or heavily censored versions.


1. Is “Ishuzoku Reviewers” suitable for all audiences?

No, “Ishuzoku Reviewers” is not suitable for all audiences. The show contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adult viewers who can differentiate between fantasy and reality.

2. Has “Ishuzoku Reviewers” influenced other anime series?

Yes, “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has influenced other anime series by pushing the boundaries of explicit content and exploring diverse sexual themes. Some anime series have incorporated similar elements, while others have sparked debates about censorship and artistic expression.

3. What impact has “Ishuzoku Reviewers” had on the anime industry?

“Ishuzoku Reviewers” has had a significant impact on the anime industry by attracting a niche audience and sparking discussions about censorship and artistic expression. It has also led to increased merchandise sales and fan-created content.

4. How has society reacted to “Ishuzoku Reviewers”?

Society’s reaction to “Ishuzoku Reviewers” has been mixed. While some appreciate its progressive themes and portrayal of diverse sexual preferences, others criticize its explicit content and perceived objectification of women.

5. Will “Ishuzoku Reviewers” continue to be controversial in the future?

It is likely that “Ishuzoku Reviewers” will continue to be controversial in the future due to its explicit content and unique premise. As long as the show challenges societal norms and explores taboo subjects, it will likely spark debates and discussions.


“Ishuzoku Reviewers” is an anime series that has left a lasting impact on the anime industry and society as a whole. Despite its controversies, the show has



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