How Did We Get Here? The History of gambar nasi basi Told Through Tweets


If I had to describe my food-obsessive personality in one word, it would be “gambar”. This word probably comes from watching the movie “Barracuda”, which in my opinion, is the best movie ever made. It is about a guy named Bob who is obsessed with food, and the entire movie is an elaborate series of food scenes. The movie is so great because it is so different from what we all are used to.

I don’t know if people’s food obsessions actually explain their personality (I am sure it does), but I have always had a strong desire for Indian food. But I had no idea just how great it was until I found out that the food is actually made by a company out of India. The food-obsessed Bob is actually the CEO of this company called the Indian Food Group.

It is worth noting that the food industry is a complex field and so is the Indian Food Group. I am a big fan of the Indian Food Group for more reasons than one. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Indian Food Group is probably the most powerful food company in the world, if not the entire world. I mean, these guys literally are the only people who make and sell food in India.

But Bob, who is obsessed with eating, is the guy who makes the food. So what does this have to do with gambling? Well, Bob is the guy who makes all the food in the food industry and is the only person in the entire world who can actually make a lot of it. There are people who make all the food in the world, but even they couldn’t make it as well as Bob does. He is the only person who can actually make anything in the entire world.

This man has a problem. He has a problem because he is obsessed with eating. He is obsessed with that because he has a problem with eating. But most people just don’t have that problem. And here is the secret, you’re not obsessed with that. You have a problem with the way something makes you feel. You’re not obsessed with the food itself, you’re obsessed with the way it makes you feel about it.

Gambar is the name of a popular type of traditional Nepalese curry and I used to have a friend who was a vegetarian. She would make really good guacamole. But the problem is she was obsessed with making guacamole. And the reason she did that is that she loved her family. And they didnt get it. They didnt get the obsession with the food. They just loved her food. And thats why she made great guacamole.

I think this is the reason why I love guacamole so much. Because it makes me feel like Ive been eating my whole life. That Ive been eating the world’s most delicious food my whole life. And I have never felt this way about my food, never have I felt this way about food in this way. And its hard to explain, but it makes you feel good.

Just a few more hours and this whole thing will be over. We have been given a day to take down eight Visionaries, kill these Visionaries, and get everything we want from the island. But since we are in a time loop and we have no idea what we need to do next, the game will give us a new level to play for each day we get here.



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