How Does Poldark End in the Books?


Poldark, the beloved historical drama series, has captivated audiences around the world with its gripping storyline and compelling characters. Based on the novels by Winston Graham, the television adaptation has garnered a massive following. However, for those who want to delve deeper into the world of Poldark, the books offer a more detailed and nuanced experience. In this article, we will explore how Poldark ends in the books, providing valuable insights into the fate of the characters and the overall conclusion of the series.

The Final Chapters: A Bittersweet Ending

The Poldark book series consists of twelve novels, spanning several decades in the lives of the characters. The final book, “Bella Poldark,” brings the story to a bittersweet conclusion. Set in the early 19th century, the book follows the lives of Ross and Demelza Poldark, their family, and the people of Cornwall.

Throughout the series, readers witness the trials and tribulations faced by the Poldark family, including financial struggles, political conflicts, and personal tragedies. The final chapters of “Bella Poldark” tie up loose ends and provide closure for the characters and their storylines.

Ross and Demelza: A Love That Endures

One of the central themes of the Poldark series is the enduring love between Ross and Demelza. Despite the challenges they face, their relationship remains strong throughout the books. In the final chapters, readers see Ross and Demelza’s love tested once again, but ultimately, they overcome the obstacles and find happiness together.

After years of turmoil, Ross and Demelza finally achieve a sense of stability and contentment. They have weathered numerous storms and come out stronger on the other side. Their love story serves as a testament to the power of resilience and commitment.

The Next Generation: The Legacy of the Poldarks

As the series comes to a close, readers also get a glimpse into the lives of the next generation of Poldarks. Ross and Demelza’s children, Jeremy and Clowance, take center stage, carrying on the family legacy. Their stories provide a sense of continuity and hope for the future.

Jeremy, the eldest son, follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a respected member of society. He navigates the challenges of his time, including political unrest and social change. Clowance, on the other hand, finds herself torn between duty and love, facing her own set of trials and tribulations.

The Fate of Other Characters

While Ross and Demelza remain the focal point of the series, the books also delve into the lives of other characters, providing closure for their storylines as well. Here are some key characters and their fates:

  • George Warleggan: Ross’s long-time rival, George, faces his own downfall in the final chapters. His greed and ambition ultimately lead to his demise, providing a satisfying resolution for readers.
  • Elizabeth Warleggan: George’s wife, Elizabeth, also experiences a tragic fate. Her choices and actions have far-reaching consequences, ultimately leading to her untimely death.
  • Dwight Enys and Caroline Penvenen: The beloved couple faces their own share of challenges but ultimately find happiness together. Their story serves as a beacon of hope amidst the turmoil.
  • Verity Poldark: Ross’s cousin, Verity, finds her own path to happiness. After years of sacrifice and heartache, she finally gets the love and fulfillment she deserves.


1. Is the ending of the Poldark books different from the television series?

Yes, there are some differences between the ending of the Poldark books and the television series. While the overall storylines remain similar, the books provide more depth and detail, allowing readers to explore the characters’ inner thoughts and motivations.

2. Are there any major plot twists in the final book?

While the final book does not contain any major plot twists, it does offer surprising revelations and resolutions for the characters. Winston Graham masterfully ties up loose ends and provides satisfying conclusions for the various storylines.

3. Do I need to read all the books to understand the ending?

While it is recommended to read the entire series to fully appreciate the ending, “Bella Poldark” does provide enough context for readers to understand the conclusion. However, reading the entire series offers a more comprehensive and immersive experience.

4. Are there any spin-off books or sequels to the Poldark series?

No, there are no official spin-off books or sequels to the Poldark series. However, the television adaptation has sparked renewed interest in the story, leading to fan fiction and unofficial continuations by other authors.

5. What is the overall message or theme of the Poldark series?

The Poldark series explores themes of love, resilience, and social change. It portrays the struggles and triumphs of the characters against the backdrop of a changing society. Ultimately, it is a story about the enduring power of love and the strength of the human spirit.


The Poldark book series offers a rich and satisfying conclusion to the beloved historical drama. Through the final chapters of “Bella Poldark,” readers witness the resolution of various storylines and the ultimate fate of the characters. Ross and Demelza’s enduring love, the legacy of the Poldark family, and the closure of other character arcs provide a sense of fulfillment and closure. Whether you are a fan of the television series or a newcomer to the world of Poldark, delving into the books will undoubtedly deepen your appreciation for this captivating saga.



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