How to Tell If Your Dog Considers You Their Master


As a dog owner, it’s natural to wonder if your furry friend sees you as their true leader. Understanding the dynamics of the human-dog relationship can help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. In this article, we will explore the signs that indicate whether your dog considers you their master or not.

Understanding the Pack Mentality

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and they have a strong instinct to establish a hierarchical structure within their social group. This instinct is deeply rooted in their ancestry as descendants of wolves. In a dog’s mind, the pack leader is the one who provides guidance, protection, and resources.

While domesticated dogs have adapted to living with humans, their pack mentality remains intact. They still seek a leader figure, and it’s important for them to recognize their owner as the alpha.

Signs That Your Dog Considers You Their Master

1. Eye Contact: Dogs that consider you their master will maintain eye contact with you. This is a sign of trust and respect, as they are looking to you for guidance and approval.

2. Following Commands: If your dog consistently follows your commands, it’s a clear indication that they see you as their leader. They understand that you are in control and trust your judgment.

3. Seeking Affection: Dogs that consider you their master will seek affection from you. They will come to you for petting, cuddling, and attention, as they see you as a source of comfort and security.

4. Protective Behavior: If your dog displays protective behavior towards you, it’s a strong sign that they consider you their master. They will bark or growl at strangers or other animals to protect you and your home.

5. Following Your Lead: Dogs that see you as their master will naturally follow your lead. They will walk beside you, matching your pace, and will be attentive to your movements and gestures.

Building a Strong Master-Dog Relationship

Now that you know the signs to look for, it’s important to foster a strong master-dog relationship. Here are some tips to help you establish yourself as the leader:

  • Consistency: Dogs thrive on routine and consistency. Establish clear rules and boundaries, and be consistent in enforcing them.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward your dog for good behavior with treats, praise, and affection. This will reinforce their understanding of your role as the leader.
  • Training: Invest time in training your dog. This not only helps them learn commands but also strengthens the bond between you.
  • Exercise and Play: Regular exercise and playtime are essential for a healthy and happy dog. Engage in activities that allow you to lead and guide your dog.
  • Quality Time: Spend quality time with your dog, engaging in activities that they enjoy. This will deepen your connection and reinforce your role as their master.


1. Can my dog consider multiple people as their master?

Yes, dogs can recognize multiple people as their leaders. However, it’s important to establish a primary leader to avoid confusion and maintain a clear hierarchy.

2. What if my dog doesn’t display any of the signs mentioned?

Every dog is unique, and their behavior may vary. If your dog doesn’t display these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t consider you their master. Observe their overall behavior and consult with a professional dog trainer if you have concerns.

3. Can I become my dog’s master if they were previously owned by someone else?

Yes, dogs are adaptable creatures and can form new bonds with their new owners. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement will help establish your role as their master.

4. What if my dog challenges my authority?

Some dogs may test their boundaries and challenge their owner’s authority. In such cases, it’s important to seek professional guidance from a dog trainer or behaviorist to address the issue effectively.

5. Is it necessary for my dog to see me as their master?

While it’s not necessary for your dog to see you as their master, establishing yourself as a leader can help create a harmonious and balanced relationship. It allows for effective communication and ensures your dog’s well-being.


Understanding whether your dog sees you as their master is crucial for building a strong and healthy relationship. By recognizing the signs mentioned in this article and following the tips provided, you can establish yourself as the leader in your dog’s eyes. Remember, a strong master-dog relationship is built on trust, respect, and clear communication.



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