Newton (USD 373)

The school district is currently on yellow alert, which means that through Jan. 15, students from PreK through 6th grade are learning on-site and 7th through 12th graders are engaged in a hybrid learning model.

Parents were required at the beginning of the school year to determine if their children would be learning remotely or hybrid, meaning two days in person, the rest remotely.

Samantha Anderson, Newton Public School Communications Director, said that in the days of a worldwide pandemic, everybody has to be flexible.

“Our building leaders, teachers, parents, it can change so quickly,” Anderson said. “You try to plan as much as you can but you can’t really plan for Covid.”

The school consults with building administrators, teachers, board members, local health leaders in order to keep students safe and still provide quality education.

“Depending on how much Covid there is in the community, we can change what we do,” Anderson said. “We have had to make small modifications throughout the year, because no one knows what will happen.”

The district requires temperature checks and every person to wear a mask except when they are eating or physically exerting themselves.

The district’s Cooper Early Education is onsite, the elementary schools and the Santa Fe 5/6 Center is hybrid; Chisholm and Newton High School are remote and the Opportunity Academy is hybrid.

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