Mulvane (USD 263)

The Mulvane school district is following a plan developed by a task force before the 2020-21 school year started. It’s been in place since opening day. On Nov. 9, the school board decided to keep its learning model through the end of the school year unless circumstances necessitate change.

Under the plan students at the district’s four schools — primary, grade, middle and high school — are split into two cohorts. One attends a half day of school in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and the other does the same during the afternoon on those days. The students spend the other half of those days learning remotely and all students are taught remotely for a full day on Wednesday.

Parents also had the option of choosing all-remote learning for their children.

Superintendent Jay Ensley said the district’s model was designed to keep students as engaged as possible while providing stability for families and a framework within which the district could deal with COVID-19 cases as they come up. Classes contain a maximum of 10 students sitting at least six feet apart. Another aspect of the district’s model is called the “Flipped Classroom,” in which much basic instruction is delivered through technology and in-person time between students and teachers is spent on remediation, answering questions and enhancing learning.

“We felt like it was really important to start with social distancing and cohort groups, hoping it would allow us to stay in that model and provide some continuity for families,” Ensley said.

So far, he said, “It has done a very good job of that.”

But, he noted, “That could change tomorrow.”

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