Andover (USD 385)

Andover’s 6th and 9th grade students returned to in-person learning on Feb. 16, along with all elementary students. 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders remain engaged in a hybrid learning model.

Students in the hybrid learning model attend in-person instruction two days a week and work remotely three days a week. Families and students were asked to select their enrollment decision for online or in-person learning ahead of the school year. 

The Board of Education voted to start middle school students on a hybrid learning model, but made the decision to move to in-person Oct. 19 based on positive gating criteria. The Board reversed the decision Nov. 4 amid skyrocketing coronavirus indicators.

Under recommendation of its task force, the board assesses middle school and high school with separate gating criteria based on larger attendance numbers at the high school level. 

The task force is composed of health care professionals, business and community leaders, parents, BOE members and district staff, and will convene every two weeks to analyze health data. 

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